“Hi Bobby! Thank you so much for getting us connected with
Steve. He did a wonderful job and is a delight to work with.
And thanks so much for straightening out our PA too!
Our sound was awesome today- clean with no feedback. We
also reworked our set list as per your recommendation and it
made a HUGE difference in our performance. Thanks for all
you do! You’ve already helped our band move up a notch!”

Rick / Drummer & Band Leader
The Sophisticats

“Having worked with Bobby Bush for three years, I’ve
found him to be the ultimate professional musician! Not
only is he a truly talented and top notch bassist who
stands out from all the rest, but he brings positivity,
punctuality, a great personality and a superior work ethic
to every live performance and rehearsal. Bobby is
friendly and provides smart suggestions that benefit all
who he works with.”

Patricia Speed
President {Fancy Pants Productions, Inc.}
Pro Vocalist

“Bobby Bush is a consummate musical professional.
Having a wealth of knowledge of the music business
acquired over many years of well rounded experience,
Bobby knows what he’s talking about. I’ve worked with
him in various live and studio musical settings over the
years and regardless of his role as player, producer,
arranger or engineer, Bobby always delivers quality with
excellence, drawing upon his tremendous talent,
exceptional work ethic and can-do attitude.”

Rick Bowlby
Professional Guitarist

I have had the great pleasure of working with Bobby Bush
for many years. Bobby’s musical expertise and his
genuine love and respect for excellence has placed him at
the top of my list of musicians and producers across the

Bobby Bush is conscientious, committed and gifted, a
winning combination in any field. Bobby has shown great
depth and strength as a person over the years, in his
career and marriage.

Bobby is thoughtful and always willing to help other
musicians find their way. He is a team player and
understands the deep and important subtleties of
ensemble playing.

Bobby is well versed in communicating styles and
techniques through musical languages popular in different
areas of the country and he keeps up with current trends
while at the same time excelling in Jazz, R&B, Pop and
other genres. When I am looking for the best music has to
offer, I always think of Bobby Bush.

Marty McCall
CAM Director / MBC Tysons Campus
Vocalist with First Call / Nashville